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Kohjin Bio Co., Ltd.
5-1-3 Chiyoda, Sakado city, Saitama 350-0214


This is a short video to introduce Kohjin Bio Co., Ltd. profile. The length of a video is 5 minutes.


2017/02/23 The 16th Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine
2017/02/08 Regenerative medicine industrialization exhibition Submitting guide
2017/02/08 News of a tissue culture culture medium product information renewal
2017/01/17 The 28th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology
2017/01/11 News of the sale of KBM Linecheck Flu AB
2015/01/15 Announcement of a Business Alliance with Corning in China
2013/07/30 Employment information updated.
2012/01/06 Established KOHJIN BIO's Tokyo office
2011/04/01 KOHJIN BIO's Osaka office has been moved
2011/03/14 The influence of earthquake in Japan
2011/01/05 The notice of the 22nd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society
2010/06/18 Acquired "The strategic basic technological upgrade support business" at Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry
2010/06/01 Detection of simulated fungemia by the VersaTREK compared with the BACTEC blood culture system by Dr. Ken Kikuchi
2010/05/30 110th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology
2010/04/01 Homepage has been re-newed.
2009/10/10 Saitama Industrial Technology Center
2009/02/12 Launched the automated blood culture device to Japanese market, VersaTREK system on Feb 2009.
2009/02/11 The medical equipment manufacturing and the third grade of medical equipment manufacturing sales permission were acquired.
2008/07/10 The capital was increased to 105 million yen.
2007/01/04 A new factory was completed (December, 2005).
2007/01/03 Interviewed by ZAIKAIJIN-economic magazine (Article in August, 2005).
2007/01/02 The ISO13485 quality management system was kicked off, and acquired in April in February, 2006.
2007/01/01 ISO9001 was acquired in December, 2003.
2007/01/01 The capital was increased to 98 million yen in March, 2005.
2007/01/01 The cosmetics manufacturing permission was acquired in February, 2005.